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Over the past few years we, Addiesel trading, have efficiently developed strong & highest capabilities in fuel supply services.
We are committed to providing energy to fuel UAE’s exponential growth.
We are providing excellence with our build-up experience from our beginning.
We maintain the green procurement guidelines.
All our operations comprise well-maintained heavy fleets that are capable of efficient transport of safe & environmentally aware fuel to anywhere in the UAE round the clock.
We take pride in providing diesel to our customers below the market price.

We continuously up skill our services with the use of new technologies. Also, we excel in achieving customer satisfaction too. We take pride in our prompt communication system.

Abu dhabi Diesel
Our other specialized sector includes loading, transporting & discharging petroleum products. Companies having CICPA security passes are low in number in the market. But the good news is that we have CICPA security passes, so we can easily deliver diesel at the sites of ADNOC. This makes us one of the best importers & exporters of petroleum products in the Middle East.